HUSH: Healthy Culture Package


The multiple award winning film, HUSH carries a revolutionary message of life for women that won’t be silenced! The facts cannot be withheld any longer. Rather than trying to shift the culture we want to appeal to an existing commitment by women to be health conscious. So our efforts are about loving, supporting and empowering women to make positive health choices for their own lives. To that end, we want to put essential facts and insights into the hands of every person who is counselling women who are thinking about abortion, or who have already had abortions, so they can effectively help women in their decision making process.

This educational package is designed to work alongside your efforts on the ground and equip you with an airtight understanding of the research and science so that you can confidently and clearly explain long term health risks of abortion for women; explanations that are being denied them by doctors, health organizations, abortion clinics, governments and the media.        

The essence is, we want to help you as educators help women to help themselves. We believe that with the right information, presented in the right spirit, many women will choose life for themselves. The outcome is that thousands, perhaps millions, of women's lives and the lives of their future children, will be improved, even saved. To this end, we've put together a streamlined program to educate caregivers and, subsequently, women, in order to have a healthy culture.             

 You are the torch bearers and the truth that you carry in love, is life changing!

The Tools to Promote a Healthy Culture:

The HUSH DVD                                                                                

An educational DVD of the international award winning documentary film. The film can be used for small groups or individuals on a regular basis within the context of your organization such as training for staff, group sessions, board members and even donors. The DVD includes:

  • The Full Feature Length Documentary (100 minutes) with Spanish Closed Captioning.
  • The Two Part version of the television documentary:

Part 1 The ABC Link-Abortion-Breast Cancer Link,

Part 2 Body and Mind-Preterm Birth and Psychological Damage.

  • 20 minute Overview Video.
  • Plus Special Features including additional interviews. Allows those interested to become more fully informed.

These versions allow for individuals or groups to learn the information from the film in sessions that work for them. 

The Companion Booklet

Five printed copies and access to adigital master entitled “What You Need To Know”.

The booklet gives key science and research based talking points, presented in a simple fashion, to help you remember important points from the film and to present them clearly.  Extra copies can be printed from the digital master copy.


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