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  • Fatherhood Bundle

    Equipping New Fathers for Abundant Life Bundle

    Care Net’s national study on abortion found that men were the single most influential voice in their partner’s abortion decision. Affiliates save 19.25% ($55) when selecting this complete set of fatherhood-empowering material. From virtual...

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  • Compassion, Hope, and Help - affiliation renewal bundle.

    Client Coaching Fundamentals Training Bundle

    The focus of Compassion, Hope, and Help is to train participants to serve as Pregnancy Decision Coaches at your center. A Pregnancy Decision Coach is a pregnancy center worker who meets with women or men who are making pregnancy decisions, specifically...

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  • Dr. Dad: Workshop Bundle

    Revamp your fatherhood programs by presenting them with the important skills needed to physically care for their young children. Help fathers understand that they play a unique role in the lives of their children. Affiliates save 19.25% ($45...

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