How to Start a Pregnancy Center (Electronic Download)

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How to Start a Crisis Pregnancy Center: With one and four pregnancies ending in abortion, the need to start a crisis pregnancy center is greater than ever.  Care Net offers a comprehensive guide to starting an effective center in your community. You’ll navigate through chapters such as:

  • Forming a steering committee: who serves on the committee, avoiding common problems, and the purpose

  • Electing a board of directors: obtaining Federal Tax-Exempt status, creating a balanced board, advisory board guidelines

  • Hiring a center director: How and When to hire a director, qualities that make a good director, what the director should do once hired

  • Finding the right faculty: proximity to other centers, telephone services, types of facilities

  • Training volunteers: who should attend training, how many volunteers are needed, preparing for the consultant

The extensive manual will provide the foundation needed as well as offer sample budgets, interview questions for director applicants, and a sample letter to Pastors to engage your local community to get involved.

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