Outreach and Advocacy

  • Welcoming Him

    Welcoming Him

    In accordance with Care Net's vision for fathers, mothers, and families,The Joseph Project brings you Welcoming Him: Expanding pregnancy decision and support services to men.  This is the foundational resource you've been waiting for to jumpstart...
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  • BYD: Social I (Electronic Download)

    BYD: Social I (Electronic Download)

      In a time where most people spend upwards of 2 hours (minimum) on social media every day, having a good social media marketing strategy is essential.   BYD: Social will give you a head start on developing and deploying an effective social...
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  • Advocate! (Download)

    Advocate! (Download)

    Abortion activists and their allies in government work to close the doors of pregnancy centers like yours. Are you ready to respond if your center is attacked? Better yet, are you ready to join forces with other pregnancy centers and pro-life leaders to...
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  • Campus Outreach (Electronic Download)

    Campus Outreach (Electronic Download)

    Campus Outreach: Campus Outreach is a collaborative effort authored by attorneys, counselors, university professors, pregnancy center directors and other professionals to provide an aide to serve one of the most abortion-prone demographic groups –...
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