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Center Education

The material you need to keep your center running smoothly!

  • Compassion Hope and Help Trainee Manual

    Compassion Hope and Help Trainee Handbook

    The focus of the curriculum is to train participants (Trainees) to serve as Pregnancy Decision Coaches at your center. A Pregnancy Decision Coach is a pregnancy center worker who meets with women or men who are making pregnancy decisions, specifically...

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  • Compassion Hope and Help Trainers Guide

    The Compassion, Hope, and Help (CHH) curriculum was designed to train participants (Trainees) to serve as Pregnancy Decision Coaches at today's pregnancy resource center. Your Pregnancy Decision Coaches consist of pregnancy center workers who meet with...

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  • Understanding Client Care: Volume I

    Understanding Client Care: Volume I (Download)

    With Understanding Client Care: Volume I, you can approach your clients first visit with complete confidence by using "today's" best policies, procedures, and forms for your clients adverse situations.   This NEW e-handbook will help you boldly...

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  • Effective Board Leadership (Electronic Download)

    Effective Board Leadership: This manual helps directors grasp key information for effectively governing a pregnancy center ministry. Your board will understand their roles and responsibilities, finances, recruitment, and legal issues, as well as...

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  • BYD: Social 1 product cover BYD: Social 1 product logo

    BYD: Social I (Electronic Download)

      This client marketing package from Care Net can help you develop and deploy an effective social media strategy, with a focus on using paid advertising. This package includes an interactive e-book and the first in a series of client marketing...

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  • Welcoming Him

    In accordance with Care Net's vision for fathers, mothers, and families,The Joseph Project brings you Welcoming Him: Expanding pregnancy decision and support services to men.  This is the foundational resource you've been waiting for to jumpstart...

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  • Advocate! (Download)

    Abortion activists and their allies in government work to close the doors of pregnancy centers like yours. Are you ready to respond if your center is attacked? Better yet, are you ready to join forces with other pregnancy centers and pro-life leaders to...

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  • Campus Outreach (Electronic Download)

    Campus Outreach: Campus Outreach is a collaborative effort authored by attorneys, counselors, university professors, pregnancy center directors and other professionals to provide an aide to serve one of the most abortion-prone demographic groups –...

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  • Fundraising Fundamentals (Electronic Download)

    Care Net's Fundraising Fundamentals handbook serves a a primer, refresher, and team building tool that allows a ministry to build a firm financial foundation. Practical tips, example forms, appeals, and calendars create a communication tool that allow...

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  • Legal Solutions (Electronic Download)

    Legal Solutions is Care Net’s resource for establishing and evaluating policies, procedures, and general center operations. Additionally, this manual is intended to be a reference for handling unusual circumstances that may arise. Help protect your...

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  • Faithful Stewards

    This deeper dive board training manual comes with three DVDs and equips board members to build sustainable organizations. This curriculum will grow your board to the next level of governance. Sample forms on the included CD will help your board build out...

  • Understanding Client Care: Volume II

    Understanding Client Care: Volume II

    Ongoing clients need specific policies tailored to protecting your center while meeting their needs. This attorney reviewed handbook includes 16 new and updated sample policies, as well as 27 sample forms and document templates. Detailed explanations...

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