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Reach Fathers

joseph-project-logo-final2.pngThrough a special partnership with National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), the leading provider of fatherhood resources in the nation, Care Net is providing several of NFI's most popular and relevant resources for pregnancy centers at a 15% discount. Log in to CareSource to receive your usual 15% discount, and all NFI fatherhood resources will be available to you at a 15% discount from their list price.

Inspired by the story of Joseph, who God called to be a husband to Mary and a father to Jesus, Care Net's fatherhood initiative is called the Joseph Project. Check back here for more resources in the coming months.

  • Before She Decides (Pack of 25) Before She Decides (Pack of 25)

    Before She Decides (Pack of 25)

    Before She Decides is an informative resource for the man in your pregnant client’s life.  It helps men engage in the pregnancy decision making process, understand the facts about fetal development and abortion, and commit to supporting...

  • New Dad's Pocket Guide

    Pack of 5. It's never been easier to give new dads the resources they need to get involved right from the start! This handy guide has essential hints, tips, and strategies that every new dad needs to know. With key health and safety information,...

  • Tip Card: 10 Tips for Expectant Dads (Pack of 50)

    *** Sold in packs of 50.*** Expectant dads face a series of exciting challenges and it's never too early to be an involved father. This tip card provides expectant fathers with 10 tips to help dad bond with baby while helping...

  • Tip Card: 10 Tips for New Dads (Pack of 50)

    *** Sold in packs of 50.*** New dads face a series of exciting challenges.  This tip card provides new and expectant fathers with 10 tips for enjoying and succeeding at the job of a lifetime - being a dad!   Published by National Fatherhood...

  • Welcoming Him

    In accordance with Care Net's vision for fathers, mothers, and families,The Joseph Project brings you Welcoming Him: Expanding pregnancy decision and support services to men.  This is the foundational resource you've been waiting for to jumpstart...

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  • Brochure: How Dad Can Be a Good Co-Parent (Pack of 50)

    SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 Parents who live apart can face an uphill battle in being good parents. Most often, dads are the parents separated from their children. As a result, these dads can face a huge challenge in being good co-parents...

  • Brochure: 7 Benefits of Marriage for Men (Pack of 50)

    ***SOLD IN PACKS OF 50***  Does marriage really matter? Yes, it does! This brochure speaks directly to men about the impact of marriage on a man's sex life, financial future, and most importantly, his relationships with his children. Published by...